Jal Tech INDIA Domestic RO Systems

Current Scenario of Drinking Water

The quality of drinking water is deteriorating day by day. It is no longer as pure as it was during our forefather’s time. Primary reasons why tap water may no longer be safe for human consumption are:-

  Climatic changes, draughts, rampant and uncontrolled industrialization has led to alarming levels of waste being disposed into our water sources such as rivers, water reservoirs and ground well water. Due to ever increasing pollution levels, the water sources are under dire stress and are getting contaminated with dissolved impurities, bacteria, viruses and cyst.

Ageing pipeline network and poor maintenance results in municipal water getting contaminated by the time it reaches our homes.
Due to ever increasing pollution levels, the water sources are under dire stress and are getting contaminated with dissolved impurities, bacteria, viruses and cyst.

Presently Available Water Purification Technologies

s the problems of impurities in water are increasing, thankfully so are the solutions to get rid of them. There are many technologies available in the market which can make contaminated water safe for drinking. However, each of these technologies has its inherent advantages and disadvantages. Some are simple and cost-effective, while some are state-of-the-art but expensive.


This is the most common and widespread form of purification technology available to us. Boiling effectively kills all harmful micro-organisms but has no effect on other suspended impurities like dust, sand, etc. It is also not able to remove dissolved impurities present in the water. The logic being simple- if you boil water containing sugar or salt, the water will still remain sweet or salty.

Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection

Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection has been in the market for many years now. Some people also refer to this technology as electronic boiling. This technology successfully deactivates harmful micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses but fails to properly deactivate the more harmful ones - cysts. Also, if the water purified through this technology is stored for a long time, then there are chances that the deactivated micro-organisms may reactivate again.

When used in combination with other filters (sediment and carbon), this technology is quite effective in removing all suspended impurities as well as some of the dissolved gases in water. But similar to Boiling, this technology has no effect on dissolved impurities such as rust, arsenic, fluoride, etc.


Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration

Jal Tech INDIA RO technology is probably the best known purification technology to the mankind. It effectively removes all harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and cyst. When it is used in combination with other filters (sediment and carbon), it successfully removes all other suspended impurities from water including dissolved gases and organic impurities. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it is able to remove more than 99% of dissolved impurities such as chemicals, rusts, salts of heavy metals, pesticides and insecticides present in water. Infect, RO is the only affordable technology to be able to remove dissolved impurities from water.

Ultra Filtration Technology

Ultra Filtration (UF). Jal Tech INDIA has innovated a specially designed UF membrane that works under the force of gravity and at atmospheric pressure. This UF membrane has a pore size of 0.1 microns which is small enough to filter out bacteria as well as harmful micro-organisms like cysts. It is used in combination with fine Nylon filter which removes dust and sand as well as Carbon filter that is coated with nano-silver. This nano-silver coated carbon filter absorbs many organic impurities and dissolved gases in water. The nano silver coating is anti-microbial by nature and ensures that the carbon does not become a breeding ground for micro-organisms.

•As a result, water purified by using  Jal Tech INDIA based UF technology is purer than boiled water and safer than water purified by chemical disinfectants.


Jal Tech INDIA RO Technology

This technology is based on double purification wherein water after passing through RO,
is also passed through Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and Ultra Filtration (UF)

Secondary purification by UV/UF ensures that when the pores of RO membrane

open up and allow harmful micro-organisms to pass through, they get deactivated/filtered out by UV/UF.


AQUA Silver

Technical Specification

AQUA Gold +(RO+UV+UF+TDS Contorler)

AQUA Gold + (RO+UV+UF+TDS Contorler)