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Jal Tech INDIA An ISO 9001-2008 certified Company is the fastest and largest emerging integrated water treatment solution provider, with the state of the art multi-location manufacturing facilities backed by dedicated team of engineering professionals having the core competency in designing, manufacturing, installation and services of Pressure Booster pumps, Submersible pumps, Motors, Sewage/Drainage pumps, Water Softeners/Send filter, Domestic R O water purifier machines like Counter top RO systems, Wall mounted R.O. Water purifier with U V & UF technology, , DM plants, Terafil Based Water Treatment Plant from 8 ltr to 10000 ltr per hour for various end user applications be it for domestic, industrial or commercial or specific end user application like Home, Apartment, School, Hospital, Restaurant, Temple, Mosque, Community Hall poultry Farm, Green House, Kidney Dialysis, Textiles, Dyes Boiler and Chemicals Industries, Soft drinks, Packaged drinking water or Village community drinking projects. We have developed the most advanced assembly line, right from the very beginning. Jal Tech India is equipped with high efficiency precision-equipment specialized in rolling out intricately designed and flawlessly assembled superior quality products, from our facilities manned by highly skilled and talented manpower. Jal Tech India offers comprehensive and reliable water treatment solutions with superior quality and energy efficiency.
Owing our success to strong product lines and technology that is at par with the best in markets (likes Delhi/NCR, Haryana, U.P, Bihar). Jal Tech India has carved a niche amongst quality conscious users around the globe.
The main focus of the company is to manufacture best quality products, which consume less energy, have long life and are easy to maintain
Jal Tech India has the presence in Delhi/NCR, UP & Haryana through its branch offices and dealer network.

Why Jal Tech India Products?

When you buy domestic equipment like TV, refrigerator, washing machine etc., You buy the product, bring it home, plug in the power supply, and switch it On, It starts working; as per your expectation as input viz power supply is constant. But in the case of Pressure Boosting Pumps, Sewage/ Drainage Pumps, Water Softener, Send filters & Our reverse osmosis based water purification system it is not Like that because it is a pneumatically controlled systems. The customer requirements & quality of Feed water is different everywhere, which demands expertise at the stage of designing of the device, also regular routine care by the user, and schedule service is essential. We have trained Technician among our group companies to look after all the domestic and industrial RO System supplied by us. We are committed to attend the service complain and solve it within promised time.